Are you running a business? Would you like to sell products or services? The first step is to find your customers. You must be noticed by your target audience. You may have a high street shop so your window should be interesting; or if you are a take away service where you “only” need a good menu, or if you are a mobile beautician only advertising in social media; you all have someting in common: YOU WANT TO BE NOTICED. You want your new customers to find you. You want your existing clients to remember and come back to you. Nowadays providing good service is not enough. You need a unique, eye-catching, interesting, effective appearance. So we’ve already come to the answer to that question: YES, you do!

Here, at Maarsk Graphics, we believe in the power of branding.

An imaginative logo, well chosen colors and shapes,

powerful slogens are all essentials for a company’s success.


Look around at your neigbourhood. If you are a small business, compare yourself to similar-sized other businesses’ appearance. Is there a favorite shopwindow you admire anytime you pass by?  Is there a car or van you see every day and can remember their signage just because it looks good? Do you notice when someone hands over a showy business card? These are all the questions of BRANDING.

But what BRANDING really means?

All branding are based on a logo.

All powerful branding are based on a professional logo.

A professional logo is always original, unique, appropriate. This is the only way for it to have strategic value.


Such a big word. It may sounds difficult to interpret. You may feel it is not relevant to your business. But it’s not as complicated as it sounds. There is a keyword: consistency. It may only be a logo and a colour that gives caracter to the appearance, if you use it consistently, they will easily become your main design elements you can build on.

Do you have a website? A website is a must-have anyone has access to. Have a look at your page. Does it reflect what you do? Does it reflect the quality of your products or services? Is it easy to navigate? Visiting your website would I meet a clean, unitary page, with easy to find information? Can you proudly promote it? Does it match your catalogue or the salesmen’s business card?

A well designed, consistently used branding always suggests professionalism, whatever size your company is. It may only be a logo appearing on your quotes as well as on your invoices or it may be a wide range of stationery from a letterhead paper to brossures and the website. The key is to use your brand consistently. Otherwise you will easily end up being judged on the wrong way around. A consistently used branding will represent you professionaly.

Why is it not enough to be professional? Why is it so important to look professional as well?
Because companies that look professional are higher ranked, therefore more profitable.

Let’s try and look at your brand from a different point of view. Try to look at it if you were a customer who has never seen it before. Do you like what you see? If not, think about if there is a way to improve it.