Handdrawn mushrooms

The Biology Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences ordered digital illustration for their latest research of mushrooms. They are all scientifically approved, only we added some effects here to make it more interesting for non-scientific visitors :) The pictures are copyright protected, the use of the images is allowed only in the written [...]

Painting – Adele

Our lead designer Szabolcs Sajo’s favourite film is „Blue is the warmest colour”. This film inspired Szabolcs and he made three painting about it, as you can see. He gave these paintings for the director as a gift. Art: Szabolcs Sajo Technika: akryl and paperboard  

Tattoo design

Designing a tattoo is a responsible job, given that the client is going to wear our creation for the rest of his life. A friend asked us to design this Cuba feeling piece of art he wanted to wear. The tattoo received a very good welcome from all sorts of people. Handmade graphics: Szabolcs Sajo [...]

Moving Colours

The real creative freedom is when there are no expectations, we can try new ideas based only on our inner instincts. This opportunity rarely comes… but when it does, it gives inspiration and boost us for long. Set us free, satisfy and motivates. This was a project of this freedom. Given a model, lots of [...]

Movie poster – Home guards

We’ve been working in cooperation with the National Movie Institute for while. We usually create posters for Hungarian movies that already have a poster in Hungarian, but they need one in English. For some reason, it’s not good enough to simply translate the poster but they need a completely different, brand new idea for the [...]