Product catalogue

Product catalogue. Everyone loves to sit down and turning over the pages in a well designed, ordanised catalogue. It's a great opportunity to relax, be inspired, daydream or even shop. We have been designing the seasonal catalogues for a Flower Wholesaler for years. Due to the subject, it's easy to create beautiful compositions. We always [...]

Website for a Sports Hall

We are proud to announce that the new website is ready for the Sports Hall of Rácalmás. It was an honor to design and develop the website for this imposing building. We are grateful for the help of the collagues of the Sports Hall - they are a super team, we enjoyed the project!

MITU Brand Book

We love when something is organised and consistent. That's why we are always happy for the oportunity to create not only the brand itself, but to collect all rules and guidelines in a handy booklet: when we are asked to create a Brand Book. That's exactly we've been asked to do so by Mitu. MiTU [...]

School logo

LOGODESIGN The Pannon High School came up with the idea of designing a new logo that mirrors the modern athmosphere of the school while associates with learning. We designed 3 different styles, they chose the one we loved the most. We simply love creating the foundamental part of branding: the logodesign. [...]

Greenhill logo redesign

LOGO REDESIGN We have teamed up with a London based marketing business. They found our website, they were amazed (they said!) and contacted us about the possibility of a partnership. They were going to extend their services to graphic design. We were happy for the opportunity to be presented in London. It looks [...]

Expand catalogue

Expand is one of our favourite’s client. Not only because we’ve known each other for long, but it was so easy to tune to each other. There was the situation (what every graphic designer desires) that the original conception of the clients meets our own ideas resulting quick and effective cooperation. After we built their [...]

Breier Farm logo

One of our clients imagined an organic farm to sell fruit and veg to local restaurant and shop. The range of products would be complete with a butcher and a bakery.  He asked us to create his logo before he even started to sell anything. Exactly the way it should be. We liked the idea [...]

MITU – branding

Mitu sells second hand clothing in numerous stores around the country. They’ve proven over the years that it’s possible to stand out from the crowd with professional approach. They asked us to freshen up their brand. We kept the pink they used before but chosen a characteristic font and added graphics elements as well to [...]