What an outsider can see?

The answer to this question is the key for the importance of branding. You probably offer high quality services because it is now essential. However, because it is essential, your competitors probably do the same (OK, maybe differently than you do). You can stand out from the crowd by having a strong brand for sure. A strong brand is always unified.

Have you ever experienced that you knew it’s Coca Cola after a first few seconds of a TV ad, well before the product was shown? I’m sure you have. But why? Because they build a picture in our head through the years by intention. Colors, wibes, feelings what we connect with their brand. You may think that it’s easy for them, they are a well-known wordwide brand. But don’t think it’s only their privilege to have a strong brand.

Small local companies must aim for the same: to become well-known in their local community. The key for this: uniformity.

What will make a brand unified?

Style, colors, vibes and of course the logo. All used consequently in all your communications. From business cards, letterhead papers, email signatures to work uniforms and website: the same well-designed logo, the same colors and other design elements appear everywhere. Our efforts will pay off in a long term: customers, clients and partners will consider us being an organized, up-to-date, reliable company. Also it will improve trust that will trigger the growth of the business.

Let’s look at an example to show the importance of a unified brand. Imagine handing out your nicely designed business card in an introductory or networking meeting. Then people visit your website shown on your card and found a completely different style there. They will certainly feel that the website belongs to another company, not the one they got the business card from. Your visitor will get the impression that this company is not professional. This would result loosing trust you earned at the meeting. This is how to demolish a first good impression… You don’t want this to happen, do you?

3 reasons to have unified brand:

1. The first impression

Unified branding clearly suggests that you pay attention to deatils. That your company is professional so the first impression is definatelly positive. Everyone would like to work with someone who is organized. People will think that the services and products you offer are high quality. And that was your target originally:  your brand to represent the quality of your service.

2. Earning trust

Your unified and consequently used branding will result that people would have an idea of the look of your business.  It can be a signage on your car/van, an online or offline advert, your shop window, they will recognise your unique brand. Once recognised, it can be remembered and known. Consumers are more likely to choose a company they know.

3. Stand out from the crowd

As we have already mentioned in this blog, more and more companies offer high quality service nowadays. Moreover, new competitors try to get a slice of the cake. Here comes the importance of a unique brand, whatever size the business is. A well-developed brand will easily attract buyers: they get to know your company brand and just because they know it, they more likely to choose you instead of your competitors.

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