Why do we need a business introductory pack?

Apart from introducing our business, of course 🙂 It would be useful when someone asking for a quote or when we want to introduce a new service or product. We only have one chance to make a first impression. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever. Why would we risk the opportunity? Whether you have a new business, or just a new product or service for your well-established business, you will surely need something to pass on to your prospective clients or partners. Something, what tells the most important information to your targeted audience.

Online or offline?

To answer this question, you will have to think about who is your audience? Then you can think of where you would like to advertise? Is it your website, or Facebook page? Then of course you’ll go for online. When it comes to introducing a new product online, the best choice is to create a landing page (you can read more about it here). You should use printed material if you usually reach your customers personally.

Kovács Timi fodrász rövid haj katalógusa - céges bemutatkozó anyag Printed materials

Offline staff, printed materials are usually short, easy-to-read publications. They intended to give us a picture of what you do and why we should use your services or buy from you. This can be a simple but creative little leaflet or a multipage information booklet or even a little card using some more serious printing technique to show how unique your business is. The choice is yours, yet again, you should consider who is your potential audience. Bear in mind, that this publication often the first to be seen in connection with your business, it worth to invest time, efforts and money. It must be unique, eye catching, but still in line with your business style; and always remember, this will represent your business even if you are not present.

A cost effective choice to go for a multifunctional material. A folder, for example: a charasteristics design outside with a neat description inside, and you can use it to give out quotes – you’ll get a professional image of your company instantly. However this is not the most original idea, but still  is the most common example.

Technology offers a wide range of printing techniques in the XXIst century, the only limit is our budget.  Not every business can afford to use embossed printing, UV varnishing, or letterpress to draw attention to their publication, especially at the beginning. Here comes the importance of a good visual. Quality stock photos are widely available, hence more and more people using them. If you don’t want to be lost in the crowd, try using unique graphics, own photos, personalised content.

How we work?

Our graphic design studio offers a wide range of services, including designing introductory materials. Let us know your ideas, or if you don’t know where to start, feel free to give us the freedom of coming up with our own ideas. We usually follow the following steps.

  1. We must get to know what you do, so we listen to your needs and ideas. It’ essential for us to get a good picture of your product or services. The best way is to have a personal meeting. it is advised to share your budget with us so we can tailor our service to your needs.
  2. Once we agreed to the price and tasks, we ask you to send all available materials: pictures, texts, logo etc.
  3. Let’s the work begin! we create the first visuals. This is normally the cover and one inner page for a multipage document, or even the whole product if it’s only a simple leaflet. .
  4. The first visuals are often only a few sketches, to make sure you like the idea. If so, then we refine the design, attention to deatils. If you don’t like the first idea, then we take another direction until we find what you like. We work in turns, always check with you. By the time we get to the third round, the design should be final (or very close to that).
  5. The print-ready final version is yours. We can help you to get it printed if required.
  6. We take the money, you leave 🙂 – hopefully satisfied and we can welcome you back when you need our help in the future.

A couple of examples of our brossures can be found here, here, and here.

A few international examples:

Kaleid magazin

Kaleid brossure

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Naturalis lookbook

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Annual report

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