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Maarsk Design is a classical graphic studio with innovative design elements, based in Hungary. Our mission is to take classical graphic design back into the common knowledge. Our unique design process makes us believe that we are part of something special.

Market segments are saturating extremely quick. Our extensive service can help you to differentiate your business properly.  Our portfolio includes hard to forget awareness-raising logos, full corporate identity, highly professional homepages, and any other surfaces from the boss’s tie to the secretary’s pen.



With 35+ years of experience, we are confident in our knowledge in graphic design. We know printing technologies, what to do with a vector or when it’s time to upgrade a website. We follow the social media trends, write texts, hand draw and make graphics, websites, packaging designs day by day. We successfully completed over a thousand projects for about 200 clients over the last 2 years.

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Our lives become more and more digital with the rapid progress of technology. Anyone is not being present in a cloud virtually doesn’t exist. Two thirds of surfing on the internet is being done from a mobile phone and this number is growing. It is essential to be present in the online world for all businesses. We follow the trends, we make contents, build responsive websites to make sure they are accessible from mobile devices as well as computers.  Are you ready?

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With the rapid growing of the availability of stock photos, there is high demand for unique content. Content is king – so true. The best is when creative writing comes with an authentic illustration.

We designed this mushroom for the Biology Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. We designed 28 kinds of mushrooms altogether. You can find a selection of these here.



It is often difficult to imagine how a big plan or a just a new packaging will look like. Sometimes we just have to convince a third party (a boss, a wife or an investor…) who can’t see it in the way we can. Here comes the importance of the 3D visualization.

Are you planning to refurbish your home? Or would like to open a new restaurant? Maybe an exhibition stand needs to be well designed?

3D visualization is one of the most loved duty here. We love to see how our plans come to life. We planned 3D visual for coffee shop, tattoo studio, house interiors, or even a proper visitor centre.



We have always cherished the dream of launching our own designer products. We dreamed about ordinary things, everyday items that can enchant anyone’s home. We aimed to create joyful products that instantly color life and fill it with youthful vigor and positive energy. We wanted to create a design that you can’t help but love.

We can proudly say that we have taken the first step: here we are, the emaarsk webshop has launched! The online store is ready, we first showed you some decorative pillows, 2 collections were completed, which were a great success, especially the Compass family, (thank you for your feedback!), Compass is our favorite too! Encouraged by the success of the Compass, we expanded our offer with bags. Our small running backpacks are on the way, we will introduce those in a few days.




“Running a few shops in Dunaujvaros, I accidently ran into MAARSK by seeing their ads on a bench in the city. We decided to ask them to design our shops’ new branding including our new logo. The result is a minimalist new branding, exactly what we needed. The MAARSK team is modern, youthful, and extremely creative. Exactly what is necessary for a design studio.”

Gabriella Fazekas, MITU

“We teamed up with MAARSK to create a unique jewellery catalogue. All I knew before we started, that I need something unique, very special. Not exactly clear instructions, but my expectations realised at the first visual MAARSK created for me. The concept became clear very quickly: a modern, clean line must be our guide. This is how we started photograph the products and start the creative graphic design work. It was so good to see the process every step of the way, being a part of it and see how the hard work invested comes to life in our wonderful catalogue. I think of the project with satisfaction and recommend MAARSK to everyone who needs a professional graphic designer team to create quality for their business.”

Zoltán Für, Ragyogó Ajándék

“Thank you for your hard work, it was a real pleasure. It’s art what you do! My website is a professional one. I’ll certainly use your services in the future! “

Zoltán Török, Tözsuplan Kft.