Product catalogue

Product catalogue. Everyone loves to sit down and turning over the pages in a well designed, ordanised catalogue. It's a great opportunity to relax, be inspired, daydream or even shop. We have been designing the seasonal catalogues for a Flower Wholesaler for years. Due to the subject, it's easy to create beautiful compositions. We always [...]

School logo

LOGODESIGN The Pannon High School came up with the idea of designing a new logo that mirrors the modern athmosphere of the school while associates with learning. We designed 3 different styles, they chose the one we loved the most. We simply love creating the foundamental part of branding: the logodesign. [...]

Greenhill logo redesign

LOGO REDESIGN We have teamed up with a London based marketing business. They found our website, they were amazed (they said!) and contacted us about the possibility of a partnership. They were going to extend their services to graphic design. We were happy for the opportunity to be presented in London. It looks [...]

Painting – Adele

Our lead designer Szabolcs Sajo’s favourite film is „Blue is the warmest colour”. This film inspired Szabolcs and he made three painting about it, as you can see. He gave these paintings for the director as a gift. Art: Szabolcs Sajo Technika: akryl and paperboard  

Tattoo design

Designing a tattoo is a responsible job, given that the client is going to wear our creation for the rest of his life. A friend asked us to design this Cuba feeling piece of art he wanted to wear. The tattoo received a very good welcome from all sorts of people. Handmade graphics: Szabolcs Sajo [...]

Moving Colours

The real creative freedom is when there are no expectations, we can try new ideas based only on our inner instincts. This opportunity rarely comes… but when it does, it gives inspiration and boost us for long. Set us free, satisfy and motivates. This was a project of this freedom. Given a model, lots of [...]